Monday, March 23, 2015

With MMP, You Don’t Need a New Car to Get New Car Peace of Mind

The average new car is out of warranty in just two and a half years, and as time goes on, the likelihood of mechanical failure on your vehicle is inevitable. Advanced electronics, complex systems, and rising labor costs mean that a repair that might have cost hundreds of dollars a few years ago may now cost you thousands. Below are some typical cost examples…
Transmission: $3,084
Air Conditioning: $1,217
Timing Belt: $802
Front Brakes: $931
Seals and Gaskets: $1,050
Engine: $7,066
With Major Mechanical Protection (MMP), you can protect yourself against these expensive repairs.
MMP’s vehicle protection goes beyond what your manufacturer’s warranty covers, plus it’s affordable—the total cost of MMP is often far less than the cost of a single repair! And, having this coverage extends the life of your vehicle and your budget. Pay for MMP once, and in most cases you will not have to pay anything more than a small deductible should a breakdown occur.
Plans are available for most new and used domestic and imported vehicles. For maximum value, consider adding MMP when you purchase a new or used vehicle.

Contact your loan officer or service representative for vehicle eligibility criteria and more details.

Monday, March 16, 2015

You need more than insurance to protect your investment.

The most dangerous time to drive has nothing to do with hours of the day or months of the year. It’s the first few years you own your vehicle. If it’s in an accident and can’t be repaired or stolen and can’t be recovered, you could owe thousands more than insurance covers.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)* makes up the difference between what insurance covers and the amount you owe. So, instead of paying off a substantial loan balance before you can even think about shopping for a new vehicle, you’ll be free and clear. And as an added benefit, GAP Advantage will help you get back on the road more quickly by providing a $1,000 allowance to finance a replacement vehicle with us.

You owe $14,000 on your vehicle, and it’s damaged beyond repair in an accident. After subtracting your deductible, the insurance company awards you $11,000 for the damage.

Without GAP Advantage, you would pay out-of-pocket to cover the remaining $3,000 loan balance.
Your loan balance..................................................$14,000
Your insurance company pays............................ <$11,000>
Remaining loan balance (out-of-pocket expense).....$3,000

With GAP Advantage, your remaining loan balance is paid, PLUS you get $1,000 to finance a replacement vehicle with us.
Remaining loan balance...........................................$3,000
GAP benefit...........................................................<$3,000>
Out-of-pocket expense....................................................$0
GAP Advantage benefit ........................................ $1,000
(for replacement vehicle)

Call your loan or service representative today, and bridge the gap between your car’s value and what you still owe.
*Guaranteed Asset Protection is considered insurance coverage in some states.

Your purchase of GAP is optional. Whether or not you purchase GAP will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing credit agreement you have with the financial institution. There are eligibility requirements, conditions, and exclusions that could prevent you from receiving benefits under GAP. You should carefully read the contract for a full explanation of the terms.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Do Your Own Taxes and Save

With TurboTax® and One Nevada Credit Union, it’s easy to do your own taxes and save. TurboTax coaches you every step of the way, and One Nevada Credit Union offers you savings of up to $15 on TurboTax federal products.

  • All you need to know is yourself. TurboTax translates taxes into simple questions about your life and puts everything on the right forms for you.
  • You won’t miss a thing. TurboTax searches over 350 deductions and credits, so you can be confident you’re getting the biggest refund you deserve.
  • Double checks as you go. TurboTax runs error checks and a final review of your return to help make sure your taxes are done right.

This year, make sure your taxes are done right and get a chance to win big. Try any TurboTax® Online product for free and you’ll be entered into the TurboTax $25K Giveway!

Start TurboTax today and save!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

One Nevada Credit Union Celebrating 65 Years of Service and Runs 65th Anniversary Contest.

Click to tweet: To celebrate their 65th Anniversary, @OneNevada is giving away $65 every day for 65 days! Enter here:

LAS VEGAS, NV. — This year marks One Nevada Credit Union’s 65th anniversary serving Nevadans. To celebrate, the credit union is giving away $65 to one random winner every day for 65 days, beginning February 10. Entries can be submitted at

From it’s humble beginnings in 1950 with 77 members and only $1,807 in deposits to the largest locally owned, federally insured credit union in Nevada serving over 75,000 members with $730 million in assets.

The credit union started out as Vegas Air Base Federal Credit Union February 10, 1950, when nine civilian employees pooled $5.00 each to begin the credit union. In 1958, the credit union changed its name to Nellis Federal Credit Union. Along the way, the credit union changed its name several times with the most recent change in 2011. Known at the time as Nevada Federal, the credit union converted to a state charter and became One Nevada Credit Union.

While much has changed over the decades, the most important factors remain the same. The credit union is a not-for-profit cooperative, owned by its member depositors, and led by an unpaid volunteer Board of Directors.

“The credit union’s focus has always been our member-owners, and without them, we could not have remained so strong throughout the years and survived very tough economical conditions, said Bradley Beal, President and CEO, One Nevada Credit Union.  “We are excited to celebrate 65 years and remain committed to provide the very best service, rates and products to our member-owners,” continued Beal.

One Nevada Credit Union Membership is open to all Clark, Nye and Washoe county residents.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Are you in the market for a new car?

To make sure you’re making the right choice regarding an auto loan, here are four questions to ask before you sign the dotted line:

1.  What is the loan type and amount of the interest rate?

With any type of loan comes an interest rate, but all rates are not the same.  They vary among factors like your credit score, how much you’re putting down on the car, etc. The interest rate percentage can vastly impact your monthly payment amount. Knowing what the interest rate is will help you determine how much interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan.

2.  What is the loan’s term?

A term is the length of your repayment period. Finding this out is essential because some finance contracts require that there be a specific time period, typically two or three years. If that’s the case, your monthly payments will be higher.

3.  What will my monthly payment be?

Make sure the dealer factors in the interest rate and any other fees bundled into that payment. For instance, if you’re purchasing add-ons to your vehicle, like fabric protection and paint sealant, that is an extra cost that should be calculated into your repayments. It’s important to understand the exact amount that you’ll be paying each month.

4.  What documentation is needed?

To apply for a loan, you’ll need to provide several documents, such as, proof of income and a current pay stub. Also, you may need to acquire comprehensive insurance coverage.

Most important, if you don’t understand something, please be sure to ask us!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Member Profile: George Heinemann - Original Mels Diner

Member Profile: George Heinemann
Career Title: District Manager, Original Mels Diner
Member since: 2000
Reno resident since: 2000
Favorite thing about One Nevada: staff, service, products, and locations

Q: Tell us about Original Mels Diner and how long have you’ been there?
A: Mels dates back to 1947 when Mel Weiss opened his first diner located in San Francisco and success seemed to follow him for a long period. I have been in the industry 40 years and I’m coming up on twenty years with Original Mels, but my previous experience was with Marie Callender’s. There I learned from the ground up with Don Callender while attending high school and college. I believe that foundation helped me to be a value to Original Mels as they expanded back in 1994. I opened their second location in Roseville, California with a percentage of stock from the company. I relocated to Reno to open the Sands Casino property and liked it here so much, I stayed. I’m glad to announce that a second location for Reno will be opening soon in the Damonte Ranch area and hopefully keep Mels roaring out of the past and into the future.

Q: How long have you been in the Restaurant industry?
A: I have been in the industry 40 years.

Q: What is the difference between a Diner and a Restaurant and why does it seem there are so many more Diners on the east coast?
A: Diners did crop up back east, and they were a product of the time being in the city before sprawling suburbia began. They were on every other corner and offered people good home style cooking at affordable prices. Out west, you did eventually see the diners, but they were confined to the cities. Diners are taking the big step to populate suburbia now, and I think they’re viewed more as a restaurant with the nostalgia for our experienced customers.

Q: What is your most popular dish at Mels?
A: With out a doubt; burger, fries and a shake.

Q: What is your funniest or most memorable customer story?
A:  The funniest is when a customer is visiting Mels for the first time, they order the Chicken Fried Steak and once they receive it, tell their server “Excuse me, this isn’t Chicken.” Probably the most touching is a married couple who were so happy we opened a location in Reno, since Mels is their favorite place and also where they met some 50 years ago.

Q: Have any celebrities visited Mels or any well-known Nevadans?
A: Mels has played host to many entertainers, bands, singers and actors that were performing or just visiting Reno. To name a few; Alec Baldwin and his brothers, Kelly Clarkson, some of the cast from the movie American Graffiti, almost everyone who goes to Burning Man, famous bowlers, athletes, cowboys, pilots and racing teams.

Q: With a lot of competition in the restaurant industry these days, what do you think keeps Mels successful?
A: We know our market and we don’t try to be something we are not. Moving forward, we test new menu items that we consider to be healthy comfort food, as well as maintaining our service and food standards. We’ve held true to our concept of good food and service with a side of nostalgia.

Q: How do you stand out above other restaurants in the area?
A: Mels is unique, because the many years that have come and gone, we’ve held true to our concept of good food and service with a side of nostalgia.

Q: What’s the most exciting thing or craziest thing that has happened at Mels diner?
A: I often thought I would write book after opening the Reno location in the Sands Casino Hotel. I believe that being a tourist attraction with so many great events, we have people from all walks of life that come and enjoy the Mels experience. Guests are singing and dancing to the music and dressing up in 50’s attire. We haven’t had any babies born in the restaurant yet, but even on slower days, there’s never a dull moment.

Q: How do most of your patron’s find out about Mels?
A: Original Mels theory on advertising has always been the value of our prepared food, service and environment. Since 1947, people have chosen Mels as a place you can visit and feel connected to - a simple, delicious, comforting lifestyle.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: I find setting goals and achieving them with my staff very rewarding, as well as the smile on customers’ faces and great parting comments from guests.

Q: At the credit union, we pride ourselves on five star customer service. What do you look for when hiring servers and what makes a great server?
A: For servers, it’s showtime every shift and some people handle that better than others. Teamwork plays a big part in that. We look for people who are customer service minded, with fun upbeat attitudes and healthy organized work habits.

Q: So what’s your favorite dish on the menu?
A: That’s difficult to answer, but here it goes. Menu items have increased over the years with many items offered, but for Kathy and I, our choice for breakfast is the Vegetarian Omelet with Mels home-style grilled red potatoes. For lunch, we lean towards the Rueben sandwich and Patty Melt with Mels fries. Talking about dinner, we almost always have the Homemade Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and top that off with a Milk shake.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring Diner/Restaurant managers?
A: You’re always striving for consistency in this business and the key, I believe is, to empower your staff through support and training, show them how much they’re appreciated, and listen to your customers and act on their opinions.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Realistically I couldn’t do my job without the support of my lovely wife Kathy and my son Jack. Family is so important, and it’s difficult balancing work and family as everyone knows. That’s the one thing I’m always trying to get better at.

I think all businesses share a similar recipe for quality service and consistency. One Nevada Credit Union rates high because of people like Dana P. who is probably one of the first or second Nevadans I met when moving here 14 years ago. I appreciate the interest and concern she has for family, my business and me. Thanks Dana. Thanks One Nevada Credit Union.
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